La Murga Armada on Stage


On Stage

7 wonderful people giving their hearts and souls on stage to make any party, a party to remember. The band bathes in the Argentinian Murga tradition. By the way, Argentina is the home country of our lead singer, Enrique Noviello.  For those not familiar to Murga, Murgas are cultural heritage from Buenos Aires. Performances take place in the form of parades (known as corsos) across the various neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires, with dansers, jugglers and a lot of festive music, and usually during carnival season. 

Take this idea, this party to the stage, fill it with a batch of powerful musician and you have La Murga Armada. Cumbia, ska, rock, latin in a mixture of Spanish and Dutch, we like to call Sputch.


Corso de las Luces

Corso de las Luces is a civic movement that encourages all levels of our community to work together. Our main goal is to fuel a fire, a fire that brings warmth to our community, a fire that encompasses us all, a fire that unites us through collaboration and creativity, a fire that will burn all year round, a fire that encourages us to think about our role as individuals in our society.

A synergy that will improve the sense of community between the local residents of Berchem, BE.